What our executive candidates say about us

Josh M.

"I just wanted to take a moment say thanks to the team at Force Multiplier Talent.  They helped me out tremendously as I explore my potential in the civilian workforce. I sat through their  workshop and the knowledge they shared with me was amazing. I can't even begin to cover everything. They went line by line through my resume, social medial profiles, and so much more. If you are veteran separating from service get a hold of Force Multiplier Talent."

Travis S.

"I would like to issue a huge shout out to the team at Force Multiplier Talent! If you or someone you know intend to separate from the military in the near future, REACH OUT TO THEM! Tell them Travis sent you!"

Jordan L.

"Thank you very much to the team at Force Multiplier Talent. They patiently went through several calls and workshops with me to enhance my resume. I really appreciate the time and effort they put into my job search and preparedness. If you are veteran separating from service get a hold of these guys!"

Kris C.

"Andy recruited me for an open position, that he believed I was qualified for. Andy not only helped prepare me for my interview he would send encouraging text messages as he knew I was overly anxious. You could tell that Andy cared about me and what was best for me, and he was not just trying to put me into a new position for his own personal gain. If I ever need a new job Andy will be the first one that I call."

Wes Y.

"Andy is determined, driven and consistent in what he does. I am usually skeptical when it comes to recruiters but Andy is very talented and professional. He takes the time to understand your wants and needs and definitely works in your corner to make sure they are met. He is a great person to work with and I highly recommend."

Tyler B.

"Andy is as professional and thorough as they come. Andy will assist you in finding the best possible person to fill your need. He made the recruitment process easy and comfortable. From our initial conversation, I could tell that he thoroughly reviewed my resume, work history, and skill set, and understood the industry in which i worked. He explained how my skills and experience were a great fit for the position he was working to fill and he handled every step of the process from initial conversation to hiring. I couldn't be happier to work with Andy and I look forward to working with him the future."

Allie B.

"Andy is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and driven recruiting consultant I’ve ever met. He personally recruited me for my current position at a highly reputable company in the Construction Industry. His technical understanding of my KSAs, personal expertise in developing leaders, and extensive knowledge of the opportunity accumulated into a tremendous career jump at the perfect time. Andy’s genuine passion for your career development, professionalism, and integrity really sets him apart. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone seeking a successful career transition."

Carlos R.

"Andy is a great person and professional. He was extremely helpful  during my application process. It was amazing to me, how he  dedicates his time to give me many suggestions and his willingness  to answer any kind of questions or concern that I had. I definitely recommend Andy as a coach and recruiter advisor."

Luis D.

"Motivation, intelligent, compassion are some of the words that  cross my mind when I think of Andrew. Great to be part of  Andrew's trusted professional network. It is a pleasure and an  honor to recommend you to all others as a dedicated professional and as a great friend. I look forward to keep in touch with you."

Greg R.

"From the very first conversation I had with Andy, I felt an immediate connection. We are both Veterans and there is something to be said about that brotherhood. I could tell right from the start that Andy's commitment, leadership, and compassion were second to none. I absolutely knew this was a guy that produced results. Within days he had me set up with interviews and following up every step of the way. He is a skilled negotiator and a friend. I just can't say enough good things about this guy. He told me from the start "we are going to make this happen and get it done" and he delivered on that. I would highly recommend Andy and the service and commitment he gives each and every client. Andy Never gives up....Thank you my Friend."

Chris P.

"It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Andy Weaver as a talent recruiter for any professional, service-oriented business.   Andy proactively reached out to me when I was working at CSO Architects about an in-house architect position with one of the largest construction firms in Indiana, F.A. Wilhelm Construction. Andy understood that my dual background in both construction management and architecture would be a great fit for this position. Eventually, I was hired for the position and still really enjoy the new opportunity.   Throughout the whole process, Andy was exceptionally open, honest, communicative and informative. Andy thoroughly explained the available position and interview process. He worked on my behalf to interact with the employer, set up the interview, and handled the negotiations. In the end, everything worked out well, smoothly and professionally.  I would highly recommend Andy Weaver as a recruiter for any company seeking to add talented employees to their team. I have already recommended Andy to an architecture firm located in Indianapolis."