When Should You Consider RPO Services?


Is it becoming increasingly difficult to fill positions at your firm?

Are your job postings not getting the right quality, speed and volume of responses?

Is your recruitment team tied up for weeks and months in the hiring process for every new employee?

Are you functioning without any internal recruiters?

5 main reasons why so many employers rely on RPO services to manage their hiring process:

  • Privileged access to the best talent: Working in this fast-paced industry, your RPO’s professional recruiters know exactly where to find the right talent. Their candidate base has been developed and nurtured over time, which makes it easier and quicker for them to meet your needs. Established RPO companies such as Force Multiplier Talent, which focus on high volume roles, make use of multi-platform sourcing strategies including advertising, referral programs and word of mouth, community outreach, college recruiting, military and veteran recruitment, as well as social media to quickly fill your positions. For unique requirements, we access specialized talent pools and tap every available source including your competition, to find the best candidates.

  • Understand and deliver to your needs: A clear understanding of your needs and the complexity of the talent market, as well as the use of the latest metrics enables an RPO partner to provide you with the best fit. Access to key recruitment data helps them quickly identify potential hires and improve candidate flow to fill your positions in a timely and cost-efficient manner.   

  • Save staff time and cost: True savings can be realized via the scalability of your RPO firm. You won’t have to worry about (or incur the cost of) having enough recruiters on staff to handle seasonal or project-based volume requirements. An established RPO service has the ability to scale up or down to meet any changes, so that you only pay for what you require. One of the greatest benefits of using an RPO service lies in saving your company the expense of underutilized manpower resources. 

  • Speed up the hiring process: Research shows that good employees deliver returns that are 3 to 5 times the value of their annual salary. The longer a position remains open, the higher the cost to your firm. Working with an RPO firm will speed up hiring by compressing or eliminating time-consuming processes that aren’t necessary to hiring. Using the latest metrics will help your RPO service identify potential roadblocks, including how long the hiring takes, where candidates are falling out, and key conversion rates, in order to bring greater efficiency to your hiring process.

  • Deliver the right results: Internal HR and recruiting departments have many other responsibilities and pressures to deal with. This can often tend to slow down and reduce efficiency of the hiring process. With a dedicated RPO firm that is focused on the daily task of filling vacant positions, your organization’s HR and talent acquisition team will find it easier to stay on track and accomplish your business goals. 


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